A Volunteer is a player who is over level 40 and has applied via Live Help. Volunteers are people who are supposed to help people.

Different Kinds of Volunteers

Here are different types of Volunteers:

  • First, you start out as a Helper. Helpers get the Live Alerts and the optional smiley next to their username.
  • Then, Helpers can sign up to be PlayTesters. PlayTesters get access to another version of ourWorld and try out new and existing items to find bugs. Volunteers must make a new account in order to use the PlayTest server, so that no items can be transfered over to the Volunteers' live account.
  • PlayTesters can join a Team and get extra benefits.
  • Every once in a while, any type of Volunteer can apply to be a Moderator. Moderators can delete forums threads, posts, lock threads, and make stickies. Their forums posts are blue. They have other advantages ingame too.

What Volunteers Do

All volunteers have a button just above Throwing Objects, it looks like a smiley face. You can click on that to turn your Live Alerts On or Off. When you log out, it is automatically set it off. If you select on, you have a smiley face next to your name. Then, the smiley button will turn purple, with a purple talk bubble above it. If you click on it, you can choose to teleport to where the person is. If someone has already teleported there, you will get a message telling you so.

PlayTesters are Volunteers' accounts on a different version of ourWorld. They try out items that are about to come out or already exist.

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