The Pier is an island of ourWorld where all players above level 2 are allowed. Azia and Doug Bot are seen there.


Skyscope is a tourist attraction located near Splatterbox at the Pier. You can use the scope to look at different attractions, and get a description of what they are about.


Snaps is a photobooth located next to Poker Cabana at the Pier. You can take pictures there and choose different backgrounds and zoom sizes, and then save them into your album for only 10 coins. The main character there is Gisele.


Splatterbox is an original ourWorld game located near Critter Derby. You can paint here, create drawings here, make fun art pieces and save them into your album. You get many different tools and colors to create your art with.

Poker Cabana

Poker Cabana is an original ourWorld game located near Skyscope. When you first enter, you can choose the amount of chips you would like to buy in for which range from 5,000 coins to 200k coins. You can also pick the size of your stakes which are Tuna (which costs 200 for BuyIn, Blind is 10/20), Shark (2,000 BuyIn, Blind is 100/200), and Whale (5,000 BuyIn, Blind is 500/1,000). You play this card game with other players in the game, and win special prizes such as a certain amount of coins.

Critter Derby

Critter Derby is an ourWorld original game located near Poker Cabana at the Pier. You buy a flag, and then place the flag near a critter, and if the critter wins you get a certain prize. These critters race for a prize and you can compete with other players for it. You can choose different rooms with different prize levels and coin amounts. A Bronze Flag costs 100 coins and will give you 'Big Prizes'. A Silver Flag costs 500 coins and will give you 'Bigger Prizes' and the Gold Flag costs 5,000 coins and will give you the 'Biggest Prizes'. This game is a gamble, as there is no telling in which critter races faster, or gives the biggest or better prizes, so spend your money wisely!

Taxi Station

The Taxi Station is located next to Splatterbox at the Pier. This taxi can take you to either Soho or Vegas World only.