Market place
Here you can buy items directly from other players. Find rare, discountinued, and popular items. Each player sets their price so you are bound to find some great deals.

Got some stuff you want to sell? Go to your inventory and click the 'sell' button on an item. You will have the option to put it on the Markerplace.

Tourists can buy items from the market.

You must have a Residency or higher to sell on the market. When you put an item up on the market it’ll automatically set an average sale price, you are able to change the sale price to whatever you want. Under ‘Your Price’ you’ll see Sale Fee, Sale Fees are 8% of the price you’ve set the item to. Under Sale Fee is the total Coin you would earn if your item sales successfully.

The cost to put up a item on the market is 3 gems and 8% of your item priced. If the item doesn’t sell you won’t get your gems back.