Flow is a form of experience points used to level up your character. It is spent in the Prize Central, where players have 3 options on how to spend flow.

It can be earned for free via chatting through the text bar, [[1]], playing games (though some games have a fixed rate of flow that is not constant, i.e. flow is given at very specific intervals) or completing challenges. (View the [Guide|Flow Guide] for tips)

It can also be earned for a cost, i.e. through shovels, through mystery boxes that contain flow-giving items, hatching Critter Garden eggs

Each activity produces flow at different rates - which can be increased through wearing Powerup items, having your account being connected to Facebook, being a [[2]]/Zoe's Club member, being in a Family or being in a group that has one or more members having a Group Boost.

Flow meter

Accumulated flow, in the bottom left corner of the screen. The player's base rate of flow production has been increased by 60%.