Electric Avenue is the fourth Island on the Island map in ourWorld. This island contains many places including Flo's Diner, Skinn Deep, Garage, Blue Cow, Rack 'n Roll, and Crews Control. The themes in Electric Avenue include punk, cool, edgy, rocker chic styles, judging by the island.

This island is one of the original islands that was created on ourWorld when it first launched in 2008. This island also seems to correlate with the ourWorld designer, Derrick. Caden is the island's avatar, and gives game challenges.

Flo's Diner

Flo's Diner is one of the many eateries in ourWorld located at Electric Avenue. This is a fairly big diner, and has many places to sit at, including a bar area. You can select items from a menu when you sit down, you can choose between a Hamburger, Milkshake, Fries, and Pie. You can have 2 people work as waiters at Flo's Diner, and you also only have 15 minutes. Only waiters can change the music at the diner. Jimmy is the character present in Flo's Diner.


Garage is a place located next to Flo's Diner and Crews Control in Electric Avenue. In Garage, you can play up to 4 instruments with your friends. These instruments include an electric guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer, and drums. Each instrument has 4 tracks you can play from. Like all other jobs at ourWorld, you can only play this instrument for 15 each. You can play as a band with other players. The main character at Garage is Rox.

Blue Cow Clothing & Furniture Shop

The Blue Cow store is located next to Rack 'n Roll in Electric Avenue. This store includes designs from Blue Cow.

Skin Deep

Skin Deep is a tattoo parlor next to Blue Cow Clothing & Furniture in Electric Avenue. This tattoo parlor is te only one in ourWorld. The designer is Blue Cow, and contains tattoos available for you legs, arms, head, abdomen, and back. This is the only place where you cannot wear your avatar's current clothes, as you are give a bra and panties, and boxers so you can be able to see your tattoo, as well as making your avatar bald.

Rack 'n Roll

Rack 'n Roll is a pool game located in Electric Avenue. You have the choice to play 8 ball or 9 ball. This is one of the many original ourWorld games. You can play by yourself, or compete with other people.

Crews Control

Crews Control is a place located next to Garage in Electric Avenue. You can start a crew for 50 gems, and buy crew apparel only available through the seller at Crews Control. This is the place you want to go if you want to start a crew. You can only buy crew apparel if you are actually in a crew, or else you will not be allowed. The main character at Crews Control is Melvin.